Screenshades is the first Color Graphics screensaver for the Roku2 and will also run on older versions of the Roku hardware when version 3.0 firmware is released. Screenshades is a generative art piece that constantly creates new vistas of changing color.

ScreenShades is available in the Roku Channel store for $1.99.

After purchasing ScreenShades, you need to go into your Roku Settings, select "Screensaver" and then select ScreenShades. On the Roku2 you do this by clicking left or right until the word "ScreenShades" appears.

Make sure that the screen does not say "disable screensaver", if it does, move to the "Wait Time" section and click left or right to set a time for the screensaver to appear.

Then click down on your remote until you reach the "Save" selection and click the OK (or "Select") button on your remote.

Screenshades should now be enabled and will run when your Roku is not being actively used or paused in the middle of a video.